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    Türkiye’s Foreign Policy vis-à-vis the War in Ukraine: A New Version of Active Neutrality
    (T.C Dışişleri Bakanlığı, 2022) Gözkaman, Armağan
    Facing one of the biggest military crises on the European continent, Turkish foreign policy has shown strong features of an updated version of active neutrality. The present research revolves around five main axes that characterize the endeavor of Turkish authorities: High-level mediation efforts, condemnation of —and political position toward—the war, synchronization with the Transatlantic Alliance, military cooperation with Ukraine, adherence to the Montreux Convention on the Turkish Straits and political relations with the Russian Federation. Türkiye’s foreign policy setting has led to a stronger diplomatic visibility for the country and serves the objective of establishing it as an indispensable, front-line diplomatic actor.
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    What Should be Examined in the Deaths of Children under Five Years Old? Turkey Example
    (TAYLOR & FRANCIS AS, 2022) Bozkurt, Gözde; Çelik, İsmail Erkan; Öngel, Gökten
    The medical poverty trap can lead to the impoverishment of households and further impoverishment of the poor. The most crucial factor known at this point is that it is closely related to the socio-economic characteristics of the households. Because the income level of the household is among the crucial determinants of out-of-pocket health expenditure, the increase in out-of-pocket health expenditures will have a significant negative impact on equality and access. Research on child mortality and its determinants reveals that public health researchers address typical issues. Interdisciplinary studies are needed to determine the dynamics of the health field. For this reason, this study aims to examine the effects of income and health expenditures on child mortality and to make suggestions in terms of both child health and social development. As a result of the counting data model, it was determined that the most influential variable increasing child mortality was income inequality, and the decreas ing variable was the ratio of out-of pockethealth expenditures to total health expen ditures. The study results support the necessity of considering the factors mentioned in determining policies toward achieving higher quality and welfare increasing targets as a result of economic development. If children have equal rights, their development will be completed healthily, and stronger families and societies will emerge.
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    Trade Liberalization, Financial Development, and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis on Turkey and the Turkic Republics
    (UNIV ISLAM INDONESIA, 2022) Tufaner, Mustafa Batuhan
    Purpose ? In this study, 5 Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan) and Turkey are analysed to investigate the impact of trade liberalisation and financial development on economic growth. Methods ? In this study, long-term relationships among trade liberalisation, financial development, and economic growth are analysed by applying unit root, cointegration and causality tests for panel data analysis study for the period 1998 to 2017. Findings ? The findings reveal a strong cointegration relationship between trade liberalization, financial development, and economic growth. It was understood that trade liberalisation positively affected economic growth, and financial development negatively affected economic growth in the long term for the whole panel. However, when the variables are analysed for each country in the panel, it is seen that the sign and severity of the coefficients change. Also, according to panel causality test results, it was understood that there was no causal relationship between variables. Implication ? This paper supports the notion that the direction of the relationship among trade liberalisation, financial development, and economic growth change according to countries in Turkey and the Turkic Republics. Originality ? This paper contributes to the literature by the general view that trade liberalisation and financial development are the driving force of economic growth; these relations may vary according to the country group examined in the studies, the period handled, and the econometric method applied.
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    The Influence of the Pandemic on Financial Decisions Made by Individuals in Turkey: A Cross-Sectional Study
    (SPRINGER, 2022) Altınbaş, Hazar
    The citizens of Turkey were confronted with the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic while struggling with high inflation and unemployment rates, and a weakening domestic currency. However, a noteworthy phenomenon during the year 2020 was the performance of stock market in Turkey, which was mostly driven by local individuals. Not only stocks, but cryptocurrencies are also popular investments favored by the populace, collectively signaling an increase in risk-taking behavior. Learning more about this point of interest is even more intriguing when considering the ongoing poor economic circumstances. In this study, the financial product decisions of individuals living in Turkey are examined for the first year of pandemic. The data were collected using an Internet survey. Information on participant’s demographics, financial product choices, declarations on changes in their interest in financial markets/ products, financial status, and net income after Covid19 was used. The results show that changes were associated with several product preferences, particu larly with cryptocurrency. The findings indicate that regulators/authorities need to understand the reasons and conditions which influence those financial deci sions and intervene if necessary because such excessive risk taking may eventually deteriorate social and financial wealth across the whole country.
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    The Effects of the Oil Price and Temperature on Food Inflation in Latin America
    (SPRINGER, 2022) Köse, Nezir; Ünal, Emre
    The impacts on food prices of temperature, the oil price, the exchange rate and wages in the agricultural industry were examined via a structural vector autoregression model and panel Granger causality test, using monthly data between January 2003 and December 2020 for Latin American countries. The paper concerns how much the determinants afect food prices. Empirical fndings show that the oil price and temperature can be signifcant factors for reducing food infation. According to the result of variance decomposition, in general, a considerable part of food infation was explained by the exchange rate, but its efect did not show any signifcant change in the long term. The impacts of the oil price and temperature were limited in the early months, but they created larger changes over time. Impulse response function and the Granger causality test also indicated that exchange rate was a crucial dynamic in explaining food infation in all countries except Ecuador. This country successfully mitigated the negative efect of the exchange rate, but the oil price and temperature had an impact on food infation. All results indicate that both mon etary and fscal policies are essential to control food prices. These countries can accom plish this by conventional policies or by radical institutional changes. Nevertheless, the oil price and temperature are external dynamics, and crucial in creating alternative policies to control food infation.
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    Terrorism Risk During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Period
    (ISTANBUL UNIV, 2022) Esen, Barış
    The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, causes negative consequences for states in terms of political, economic, sociological, psychological and security. Due to the problems that have occured during the pandemic period, the capacities of states are under pressure. Terrorist organizations aim to put pressure on governments in line with their political objectives by creating anxiety, fear, and panic on the civilian population with their attacks. This study investigates how the COVID-19 process affects terrorism, and tries to answer the question whether there is a relationship between trust in authority and terrorist activities during this period, or not. Just as states were unprepared for terrorism, they were also caught unprepared for the pandemic. The responses of some states to COVID-19 may further broaden public concern and create conditions that are favorable to terrorism. According to the study, it is explicit that this anxiety environment created by COVID-19 is regarded as an opportunity by terrorist organizations, and it is also obvious that the concern mong the population is used and led by terrorist organizations. Curfews and travel restrictions also create mitigating conditions for the terrorist threats in most parts of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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    Is It Possible to Examine the Suicide Phenomenon from A Social and Economic Perspective?
    (SOSYOEKONOMI SOC, 2022) Öngel, Volkan; Günsel, Ayşe; Bozkurt, Gözde
    Suicidal behaviour, like other human behaviours, is a result of socioeconomic and psychological conditions. The research, it is aimed to examine the relationship between socioeconomic factors such as economic income levels, social status and quality of life, and suicidal behaviour in comparison with classical and Bayesian negative binomial regression models. The findings showed that suicidal behaviour increased due to the decrease in economic status and inequality of income bdistribution among young people. At the same time, it has been determined that employment and divorce rates reduce suicidal behaviour. As a result, it was determined that social and economic factors affected suicidal behaviour in the 15-24 age group, and solutions were suggested.
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    How Can Blockchain Contribute to Developing Country Economies? A Literature Review on Application Areas
    (Sciendo, 2022) Boğa, Semra; Gillpatrick, Tom; Aldanmaz, Oncel
    Blockchain technology originally finding applications in Fintech and supply chain management is rapidly expanding applications to other industries as well as the public sector. “Blockchain has been compared to the invention of the internet and its comprehensive impact on almost every industry.” R. Beck and B. Markey-Towler (2017) A recent study by PWC (2020) found that, “Blockchain technology has the potential to boost global gross domestic product by $1.76 trillion USD over this decade.” It has been argued that the digital revolution has favored more developed nations and that has helped create a “digital divide” with less developed nations. Business and governmental infrastructure in developing nations have lagged that of more developed nations. Some of these challenges faced by developing nations include the registration of property ownership, financial systems, modern efficient supply chains often accompanied by a lack of trust and the ability to verify and audit organizational processes rapidly and economically. Blockchain technology has the promise to address many of the critical needs of developing countries internally and in external trade relationships to help enable them to be more competitive. This paper will review the literature and examine the impact of Blockchain technology on how its adoption may ameliorate many of these critical challenges for developing nations helping to improve governance and economic benefits that are shared more equitably. Potential for both positive and negative impacts with bediscussed along with policy implications for public policy makers and private enterprises.
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    Factors Affecting Digital Literacy of Human Resources
    (URAL STATE UNIV ECONOMICS, 2022) Öngel, Volkan; Yavuz, Melih Sefa; Tatli, Hasan Sadık
    Digital literacy is among the major competencies of a company’s human resources revealing the relationships of indi viduals with digital tools. However, an essential premise in studying digital literacy is the level of individuals’ readiness for tech nology. The paper aims to determine the impact of technology readiness on digital literacy, and to establish the characteristics of information society using the case of Turkey. Methodologically, the study rests on the concepts of digitalization, information technology, as well as industrial and information society. Factor, correlation, regression and reliability analyses, and descriptive statistics were used. Using a convenience sampling technique, the authors collected survey results from a sample of 523 individu als aged 18–75. The data were analysed in the SPSS 25 program. The research provides a profile of the Turkish population’s digital literacy and technology readiness. According to the findings, the respondents were optimistic about using technology; they were innovative, and do not hesitate to use new technologies. Their digital information literacy and perception of security on digital platforms were high, and they could use digital platforms at a reasonable level. The hypothesis that employees’ technology readi ness positively affects their digital literacy has been confirmed. The research findings will be useful in determining digital literacy of individuals in the external environment.
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    Examination of the Effects of İnternat-to-firm Transaction Costs and Imitation Capabilities on the Innovation Performance and Competitiveness of the Electric/Electronic Firms
    (UNIV FEEVALE, INST CIENCIAS SOCIAIS APLICADASICSA, 2022) Çeltekligil, Kudret; Adiguzel, Zafer; Sönmez Çakir, Fatma
    The aim of the research is to examine both the innovation performance of the electric/electronic firms within the technopark sector, and in addition, the internal-to-firm transaction costs and imitation capability that affect relationships and competition between the variables. In general, products that firms offer to the market are affected by each other, and in this case, the imitation capabilities of firms come to the fore. However, in order to be successful in an innovative and competitive environment, it is necessary to effectively manage the internal-to-firm transaction costs. Within the scope of the study, a survey was given to the engineers working in the electrical/electronic firms that produce and innovate within the body of technopark in Istanbul. A face-to-face survey study was conducted since production was not interrupted in the firms working in technopark during the pandemic process and remote working conditions were not possible for the production sector. Randomly selected firms were visited and 501 employees were interviewed. Analyses were made using the SmartPLS 3.4 Program; a 5-point Likert scale was used for the survey; factor analysis was used to determine the suitability of the scale expressions; reliability/validity analyzes were used to determine the consistency of the scale; and correlation analysis was used to determine the degree of relationship between the variables. Finally, path analysis was used to test the hypotheses, and the same program was used to determine the mediation effect. The results of the analyses showed that the cost of intra-firm transaction and imitation capability have positive effects on innovation performance and the competitiveness of the firms.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Attitude: A Review on Turkey
    (Institute of Advanced Science Extension (IASE), 2022) Bozkurt, Gözde; Öngel, Gökten; Çelik, İsmail Erkan
    The study investigates the anti-vaccine attitude and the attitude towards COVID-19 in Turkey. Within the scope of the study, an online questionnaire was applied to 564 volunteers with a convenience sampling technique between 21/05/2021 and 01/06/2021. Analysis was performed with descriptive and inferential statistical analysis techniques and a multiple probit model. As a result of the estimation, it has been determined that negative claims about the vaccine have an increasing effect on the probability of being vaccinated or undecided, according to the probability of being vaccinated. It has been seen that it has a reducing effect on their thoughts about making the vaccine compulsory. Opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine has become global, and people's behaviors endanger their health, public health, and global health due to the following unscientific theories that need to be further examined scientifically. In particular, awareness-raising activities for individuals, more efficient use of social media channels for communication, support of countries' academic studies on the subject, and transparent sharing of scientific data with the public will change the attitude toward vaccines. When we look at the literature, it has been seen that social media channels are neglected in the vaccination attitude. However, it was found to be an essential factor in line with the findings obtained from the study. For this reason, it is thought that it will contribute to future studies.
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    Are the Policy Uncertainty and CLI ‘Effective’ Indicators of Volatility? GARCH-MIDAS Analysis of the G7 Stock Markets
    (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, 2022) Ersin, Özgür Ömer; Gül, Mert; Aşık, Bekir
    The paper aims at the investigation of two important economic indicators, the economic policy uncertainty (EPU) and composite leading indicator (CLI) of OECD for their leading potential in forecasting the stock market volatility in G7 stock markets. To overcome the frequency discrepancy, the mixed sampling strategy is conducted with GARCH-MIDAS modeling. By utilizing a total of 42 estimations, the study has several contributions: i. both EPU and CLI are major leading indicators, ii. the model specification, rolling window, and fixed, matters, no a priori decision should be made by the researchers, iii. the positive (negative) influence of increases in EPU (CLI) cannot be rejected and should be kept in policy decisions. Lastly, comparative analysis revealed that CLI is a more efficient indicator however is closely followed by another efficient indicator, the EPU, for G7 stock markets’ volatility.
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    An Empirical Assessment of the Contagion Determinants in the Euro Area in a Period of Sovereign Debt Risk
    (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022) Altınbaş, Hazar; vd.
    This paper uses learning methods and optimization techniques to investigate the determinants of shock propagation in the Euro area for the period 2001–2015. First, principal component analyses are used with country bond yields to identify sub periods and country groups; second, infuencing factors for country bond yields are investigated with random forest models; lastly, shock propagation among groups are examined with impulse response functions. Models in steps two and three are improved by using simulated annealing algorithm. The empirical fndings achieved can be particularly relevant for both investors and policymakers. Shedding light on the determinants of fnancial contagion may be in fact useful for investors who can derive relevant information about countries which are less sensitive to be afected by shocks, orienting thus their investment strategies. At the same time, policymakers could draw worthwhile and preventive hedging strategies and design the most suit able crisis management policies.
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    Kurumsal Teori Perspektifinden EFQM Modelinin Stratejik İKY Üzerine Etkisi, Ampirik Bir Çalışma
    (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, 2022) Uzunçarşılı, Ülkü; Çoban, Mehmet
    Stratejik İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi (İKY), kuruluşlarda sürdürülebilir rekabet avantajı sağlanması için insan faktörünün işletme süreçlerinde en önemli faktör olarak görülmesini önermektedir. Bu süreçler arasında işletmelerde uygulanan kalite mükemmelliği süreçleri de bulunmaktadır. Bu çalışmanın amacı, Türkiye’deki kuruluşlarda European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) modeli kullanımı ile Stratejik İKY uygulamaları arasındaki ilişkinin araştırılmasıdır. EFQM modeli uygulayan ve uygulamayan 260 işletmenin orta düzey ve üst düzey yönetici ve genel müdürlerine bir anket yapılmıştır. Bu çalışmada, EFQM modelinin yayılımı konusunda yetkili kuruluş olan Türkiye Kalite Derneği (KalDer)’nin toplam 732 üyesinden 260 işletme araştırmaya katılmıştır. Stratejik İKY ile ilgili sonuçlara kurumsal teori açısından bakılan bu çalışmada, EFQM modelinin kullanılmasıyla araştırmada seçilen stratejik İKY uygulamaları üzerinde pozitif ve anlamlı bir etki bulunmuştur. EFQM modeli kullanma süresi ile seçilen stratejik insan kaynakları uygulamaları üzerinde yine pozitif ve anlamlı bir etki bulunmuştur. Bu araştırma sonuçları, EFQM modeli kullanılmasının işletmelere kurumsal düzeyde katkı yapabileceğini göstermektedir. Ancak işletmelerin kalite kültürünü içselleştirmek yerine şekilciliğe kaçarak normatif ve özellikle baskıcı eş biçimlilik sebebiyle kalite mükemmelliği modellerini benimsemiş olma riski de dikkate alınmalıdır.
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    Geleceğin Sağlık Çalışanlarında Sağlık Okuryazarlık Düzeyinin Sağlık Algısı Üzerindeki Etkisi
    (Doğuş Üniversitesi, 2022) Kuloğlu, Yunus; Uslu, Kamil
    Çalışmamız, gelecekte sağlık alanında çalışacak öğrencilerin sağlık okuryazarlığı düzeylerinin sağlık algıları üzerindeki etkilerini incelemek amacıyla yapılmıştır. Çalışmanın örneklemini Kasım-Aralık 2020 tarihlerinde Kırklareli Üniversitesi Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO' da okumakta olan 441 öğrenci oluşturmuştur. Öğrencilerin sağlık algısı ve sağlık okuryazarlığı toplam puan ortalamaları arasında istatistiksel olarak anlamlı pozitif bir ilişki saptanmıştır. Sağlık okuryazarlığı alt faktörleri ile sağlık algısı alt faktörleri arasındaki korelasyonların düşük ve orta düzeyde istatistiksel olarak anlamlı olduğu tespit edilmiştir. Regresyon analizi sonucunda sağlık okuryazarlığı alt boyutlarından "bilgileri anlama" ve "uygulama", sağlık algısı alt boyutlarından "sağlığın önemi" ve "öz farkındalık" üzerinde pozitif yönde, "değer biçme" boyutu üzerinde ise negatif yönde istatiksel olarak anlamlı bir etkiye sahip olduğu saptanmıştır.
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    Modernizasyon Teorisi Bağlamında Demokrasinin Sosyal Gereksinimleri: GEREKSİNİMLERİ: Ridge Regresyon Yaklaşımından Ampirik Bulgular
    (Doğuş Üniversitesi, 2022) Acar, Tuğçe; Topdağ, Derya
    Genel olarak sosyo-ekonomik kalkınma ve demokrasi arasındaki ilişkinin altını çizen mevcut teorik literatürle birlikte çalışma, küresel ölçekte ekonomik kalkınma ve demokrasi arasındaki ilişkiyi incelemektedir. Çalışmada Lipset (1959)’in ufuk açıcı çalışmasıyla birlikte karşılaştırmalı siyaset içerisinde de önemli bir yer edinen modernizasyon teorisi çerçevesinde ekonomik kalkınmanın- artan kişi başına gelir demokrasi için sosyal bir gereklilik olup olmadığı konusu veri setine ulaşılabilirlik baz alınarak 2018 yılı, 118 ülke verisi için analiz edilmektedir. Ridge regresyon yöntemi ile gerçekleştirilen analiz sonucunda ekonomik kalkınma, demokrasiyi anlamlı ve pozitif olarak etkilemektedir. Elde edilen bu bulgu Lipset hipotezini destekler nitelikte olmanın yanı sıra belirli yapısal koşulların istikrarlı demokrasiye elverişli olduğunu göstermektedir. Diğer taraftan siyasi istikrar, hükümet etkinliği ve endüstri (katma değer) değişkenlerinin demokrasiyi pozitif yönde etkilediği; askeri harcamalar, mal ve hizmet ihracatı, kentleşme ve doğal kaynak gelirlerinin ise demokrasiyi negatif yönde etkilediği tespit edilmiş ve elde edilen bulguların gerekçeleri tartışılmıştır.
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    Kırılgan Beşli Ülkelerinde Finansal Gelişme ve Uluslararası Ticaretin Büyüme Üzerindeki Etkileri: Panel ARDL Analizi
    (Doğuş Üniversitesi, 2022) Süt, Ali Talih; Ersin, Özgür Ömer
    Çalışmada, kırılgan beşli ülkelerinde uluslararası ticaret ve finansal gelişmenin ekonomik büyüme üzerindeki uzun ve kısa vadeli etkilerinin ve değişkenler arasındaki nedenselliğin yönünün belirlenmesi amaçlanmıştır. İlk aşamada, heterojen panel ARDL yöntemi ile uzun vadeli eşbütünleşme ilişkisi modellenmiş, ikinci aşamada, heterojen panel nedensellik testleri gerçekleştirilmiştir. Çalışmanın ampirik bulguları şunlardır: i. kırılgan beşli ekonomilerinde uluslararası ticaretin ve ticari açıklığın ekonomik büyüme üzerinde uzun vadede güçlü pozitif etkileri kabul edilirken, kısa vadeli etkileri ise geçersiz bulunmaktadır, ii. finansal gelişmenin büyüme üzerindeki uzun vadeli etkisi beklenenin aksine negatiftir, kısa vadede ise kısmi ve düşük bir pozitif etki söylenebilmektedir, iii. uluslararası ticaretin pozitif etkisi, finansal gelişmenin negatif etkisini baskılamaktadır, iv. panel ARDL bulguları ile de uyumlu olarak, finansal gelişmeden ve uluslararası ticaretten ekonomik büyümeye doğru tek yönlü nedensellik sadece %10 düzeyinde kabul edilebilmekte, uluslararası ticaretten finansal gelişmeye doğru ise tek yönlü nedensellik ilişkisi dikkat çekmektedir. Çalışmanın bu bulguları, kırılgan beşli ekonomilerinde ticaretin uzun dönemli pozitif etkilerini ortaya koyarken, finansal gelişmenin pozitif etkilerinin sağlanabilmesine yönelik politikalara daha çok ağırlık verilmesi gerekliliğini ortaya koymaktadır.
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    Algılanan Örgüt Desteği ile Üretkenlik Karşıtı İş Davranışı İlişkisinde Kendini İşletmeden Hissetmenin ve İşten Aileye Yönelik Çatışmanın Rolü
    (Doğuş Üniversitesi, 2022) Morgül, Gözde; Afacan Fındıklı, Mine
    Araştırmalar, algılanan örgüt desteğinin genel olarak üretkenlik karşıtı iş davranışlarının ortaya çıkmasını engellediğini göstermektedir. Bu araştırma, üretkenlik karşıtı iş davranışlarının bireye yönelik boyutunu inceleyerek sınırlı kalan algılanan örgüt desteği ile üretkenlik karşıtı iş davranışı ilişkisinde kendini işletmeden hissetme ve işten aileye yönelik çatışmanın aracılık etkisine odaklanmaktadır. Araştırma, İstanbul’ da faaliyet gösteren otel işletmelerinde yapılmış olup, elde edilen veriler yapısal eşitlik modeli ile analiz edilmiştir. Araştırma sonucunda algılanan örgüt desteği ile üretkenlik karşıtı iş davranışı (bireye yönelik) ilişkisinde kendini işletmeden hissetme ve işten aileye yönelik çatışmanın tam aracılık rolü olduğu bulunmuştur.
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    Determinants of the Profitability of Banking Sector in Turkey
    (Doğuş Üniversitesi, 2022) Bal, Hakan; Sönmezer, Sıtkı
    The profitability of banks is an important subject around the world, since the banking system is a vital component in any economy, thus interests many parties including investors and regulatory bodies. This study aims to shed light to the factors that affect the profitability of banks in Turkey across bank types using the annual data for the banks in Turkey between 2004 and 2017. Overall, credit riskiness, funding cost and GDP growth has a positive effect and operating cost has a negative effect on bank profitability. Higher illiquidity, funding cost and operating cost significantly positively affects profitability for large, private and foreign banks but not for state banks. Labor productivity however, while significantly positively affects profitability for foreign banks, it has a negative effect on profitability for large and private banks. The findings suggest important regulatory suggestions for the banking and finance system.
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    Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Bağlamında Uluslararası Üniversite Sıralama İndeksleri ve Türkiye'deki Üniversiteler
    (Doğuş Üniversitesi, 2022) Gedikkaya Bal, Pınar; Ayas, Melek Özlem; Bozaykut, Tuba; Yavuz Tiftikçigil, Burcu; Afacan Fındıklı, Mine
    2015 yılında gerçekleştirilen Birleşmiş Milletler (BM) Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Konferansında “Gündem 2030: BM Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları” kabul edilmiştir. Üniversiteler, bu amaçların hayata geçirilmesi sürecinde yol gösterici olarak görülmüş; hem yeni fikirlerin yayılması ve benimsetilmesi kabiliyetleri hem de eğitim ve araştırma olanaklarıyla kilit bir rol üstelenmişlerdir. Son yıllarda üniversiteleri farklı yönleriyle değerlendirerek sıralamalar oluşturan STARS, UI GreenMetric ve Times Yükseköğrenim Etki Sıralaması (Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings) gibi indeksler geliştirilmiş ve bu indekslerin değerlendirme kriterleri arasında üniversitelerin Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları doğrultusunda hayata geçirdikleri girişimlere de yer verilmiştir. Bu amaçları değerlendirmeye alan çeşitli indekslerin varlığı üniversitelerin girişimlerinin görünürlüğünü arttırmış, bu alanda elde edilen başarıların karşılaştırılması için bir alan yaratmış; ayrıca birçok üniversitenin farkındalığını ve motivasyonunu güçlendirmiştir. Bu çalışma kapsamında, Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçlarını da inceleyen STARS, UI GreenMetric ve Times Yükseköğrenim Etki Sıralaması indeksleri incelenmiş; Türkiye’deki üniversitelerin bu indekslere katılımları ve bu katılımın yıllar içindeki gelişimi karşılaştırmalı olarak analiz edilmiştir. Böylelikle Türkiye’deki üniversitelerin sürdürülebilirlik performansları ile dünyadaki üniversiteler arasındaki yerlerine dair bir genelleme yapılabilmiştir.