Examination of the Effects of İnternat-to-firm Transaction Costs and Imitation Capabilities on the Innovation Performance and Competitiveness of the Electric/Electronic Firms


The aim of the research is to examine both the innovation performance of the electric/electronic firms within the technopark sector, and in addition, the internal-to-firm transaction costs and imitation capability that affect relationships and competition between the variables. In general, products that firms offer to the market are affected by each other, and in this case, the imitation capabilities of firms come to the fore. However, in order to be successful in an innovative and competitive environment, it is necessary to effectively manage the internal-to-firm transaction costs. Within the scope of the study, a survey was given to the engineers working in the electrical/electronic firms that produce and innovate within the body of technopark in Istanbul. A face-to-face survey study was conducted since production was not interrupted in the firms working in technopark during the pandemic process and remote working conditions were not possible for the production sector. Randomly selected firms were visited and 501 employees were interviewed. Analyses were made using the SmartPLS 3.4 Program; a 5-point Likert scale was used for the survey; factor analysis was used to determine the suitability of the scale expressions; reliability/validity analyzes were used to determine the consistency of the scale; and correlation analysis was used to determine the degree of relationship between the variables. Finally, path analysis was used to test the hypotheses, and the same program was used to determine the mediation effect. The results of the analyses showed that the cost of intra-firm transaction and imitation capability have positive effects on innovation performance and the competitiveness of the firms.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Imitation, Capability, Costs, Innovation, Performance, Competitiveness


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