The Effects of Taurine Supplementation on Obesity and Browning of White Adipose Tissue in High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice


Background: In recent years, a new type of adipose tissue (beige adipose tissue) has been mentioned, unlike white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). Beige cells are capable of thermogenesis like BAT. In response to various agents, beige cells can develop within WAT through a process called “browning.” Therefore, the prevention of obesity and related diseases by providing WAT browning with new potential agents has been extensively studied in recent years. Taurine has many physiological functions in the body and has beneficial effects on obesity and related metabolic disorders. For this reason, we aimed to investigate whether taurine supplemen tation has effects on browning of WAT and attenuating obesity. Methods: Thirty-two male C57BL/6 mice were used for the study. Mice were divided into 4 groups as control, control+tau rine, high fat diet (HFD) and HFD+taurine, and fed for 20weeks. Taurine was given in drinking water (5%). Epididymal WAT samples were obtained from mice and RNA was extracted from these tissues. Expression levels of FLCN, mTOR, TFE3, PGC-1?, PGC1-1?, AMPK, S6K and UCP1 genes were measured by realtime PCR. Results: Taurine supplementation reduced HFD induced obesity. No UCP1 expression was detected in any of the groups studied. Any of the gene expressions were not significantly different between HFD and HFD+taurine groups. Reduced PGC-1? and PGC-1? expressions were observed in both HFD and HFD+ taurine groups. Conclusions: Taurine reduced the obesity in HFD fed mice, but had no effect on browning of epididymal WAT in this study.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Taurine, Obesity, Beige adipose tissue, Browning of white adipose tissue, High-fat diet


WoS Q Değeri


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