Ultimate Point in the Service Provided by the Banks to Their Customers: Customer Satisfaction in the Common Use of ATMs


As is the case with the other sectors, intensive competition is experienced in the banking sector as well. In order to keep position in this sector, it is required to find new customers or duly satisfy the already existing customers. To this effect, banks are compelled to introduce diverse services to their customers. One of the most important services is Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) generated from the combination of technology and electronics and which enable customers to draw as well as deposit money through the ATMs without visiting banks in all occasions. Customers areentitled to check their accounts and provide for transfer of funds.In our study, ATM users are asked the questions prepared in relation to customer satisfaction and the answers received are processed through SPSS 17.0 statistical software programs, factor analyses of the same are made, their reliabilities are tested,and according to the data for the year 2014, 550 individuals are accessed from amongst 60.000 ATM users through random sampling method and five banks are examined. The results of the study demonstrates that bank customers are very much satisfied with the ATMs about which exists little information and research


Anahtar Kelimeler

Technology, Electronic banking, ATM, Distribution channels


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