An Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of The Locked Plate With Bone Grafting İn Sanders Type Iıı And Iv İntra-Articular Calcaneus Fractures

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Objective: To demonstrate the efficacy of locking plate osteosynthesis performed by an L-shaped lateral approach in patients with Sanders type III and IV intra-articular calcaneal fractures with posterior facet displacement. Methods: Fifty-three patients with Sanders type III or IV unilateral calcaneal fractures treated with locking plates and additional bone grafting were included in the study. Böhler and Gissane angles, and heel height values were measured on the radiological examinations. Clinical results of the patients were evaluated using the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and Maryland evaluation criteria. The presence of arthrosis was investigated with Broden's view. Preoperative and postoperative values were evaluated. Results: The mean Gissane angle was 119.32°, the mean Böhler angle was 9.47° and the mean heel height was 40.82 mm on radiographs at initial presentation of the patients. The mean Gissane angle was 114.63°, the mean Böhler angle was 23.33° and the mean heel height was 47.84 mm on the early postoperative radiographs of the patients. In patients, a mean 4.69° recovery was achieved in the Gissane angle, 13.86° in Böhler angle and 7.02 mm in heel height. On the most recent follow-up, Böhler angle was 21.49°, Gissane was 114.88° and the mean heel height was 46.95 mm. The mean American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society score and Maryland score were 86.91 and 86.53, respectively, on the last follow-up. Conclusion: Internal fixation and grephonage using low-profile locking plates provides good functional results to patients since it facilitates anatomic restoration of the subtalar joint and correction of calcaneal height, width and varus/valgus heel. Keywords: Allograft; Sanders type III; Sanders type IV; bone graft; calcaneus fracture; heel height; subtalar arthrosis.


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Allograft, Sanders type III, Sanders type IV, Bone graft, Ccalcaneus fracture, Heel height, Subtalar arthrosis


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SAGE Open Medicine Volume 9: 1–8