Marketing of Innovation in Business

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Marketing of Innovation in Business

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Purpose of this study details of the concept of innovation and innovation in enterprises aimed to explain how they are implemented. Innovation as it is known today, had ceased to be an issue dealt with only in universities, businesses and even became a concept that gives importance to the politicians. Globalization has led to the globalization of world trade. Increased competition between the countries, however, many countries have been competing in the market. In this case, competition and "technological competition" and "low-price competition as" indicate for the effect. Thus, speaking nationally, and companies that can not be denied that the effect of competition, innovation and innovation management in both developed and developing countries, competition become. Because to have a say andmake innovation in order to increase profitability, and is seen asa solution. Processed in this study in detail the concept of innovation, innovation in the size of the national and Turkey are mentioned, the importance for businesses that result in innovation and innovation management, business innovation and how the information is otherwise managed by giving examples of those used and tried to explain.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Innovation, Concept Innovation, Innovation Management,, Newness, Novelty, Newness Management


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