Use of Global Distance Education Program in Educational Goals of Airline

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Recently there has been an explosive growth in online distance learning which is rapidly transforming traditional learning habits with the more recent ones that uses the latest technology. As establishments nowadays are conscious of the necessity for being more integrative and innovative compared to the past, they question about the need to change management mentality in order to survive in a competitive market. Perceiving human as a value and an important valuable asset, directors of organizations look for the ways of changing of qualifications in workforce. To be able to accomplish this change, they need to alter the organization’s training applications to ensure their own survival. Today, organizations tend to improve and gain from the managers out of their own resources by different approaches. As time and financial resources are restricted the newest technologies help them in succeeding this aim. Global distance education is one of the easiest supporters in this regard. In this study the historical developments of Turkish airlines (THY) are succinctly reviewed. Followed by the current position of global distance education in THY is to be highlighted. In this context, Turkish Airlines (THY) and Management Trainee Program of THY are taken as sample. “Harvard ManageMentor” (HMM) is being used for training purposes in Turkish Airlines and the researcher has aimed to explain how this program is being implemented in Turkish Airlines in detail and how the Harvard ManageMentor program corresponds to the needs of THY educational goals. It was concluded that HarvardManage Mentor supported the educational priorities of THY and e-learning programs by time saving and efficiency. Additionally THY educational goals were found to be in harmony with HMM. For further research, the staff of THY whom has been trained under HarvardManage Mentor, could be polled by online surveys. Based on surveys filled out, the results can be used for further discussions and probings.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Airline, distance learning, education of tourism executives


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