A Research About The Effect Of The Leadership Qualities Of Public Administrators On The Motivation Of The Employees

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Public administration is the set of law, regulations and rules. Administrators are shaped and assigned in accordance with these variables. Though administration and leadership in public are regarded as very similar, they reflect different kinds of people and understanding. In recent times, administrator and leadership variables differ greatly and become subjects for analysis. In this research, the effect of different models of leadership and administrators on the motivation and job performance of the employees have been studied with a specific focus on public administration. In the research, firstly, frequency tables that indicate the distribution of socio economic characteristics of public employees were included. Then, every question that measures the effect of the administrators’ leadership qualities on the employees’ motivation and job performance were analyzed separately and frequency tables were formed. In the decoding process, the relationship between the leadership types and qualities that increase motivation and the socio demographic characteristics of the employees was examined. In this research, a questionnaire formed of 27 questions was used as a data collecting method. Before the application of the questionnaire, a short written notice was given to the participants about the aims of the study. In the questionnaire, questions measuring the demographic factors of the employees, the effect of the leadership qualities of the administrators on the motivation and job performance of the employees were used. The research was conducted in a big district of Istanbul, on 100 public employees who are single and married with an age range between15-56. In this study about Public Administration and Motivation, The Effects of The Leadership Qualities of the Administrators on The Motivation and Job Performances of the Employees, SPSS 21.0 statistical method were used as the decoding method; in accordance with the conclusions drawn, some proposals were brought forward.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Motivation, Performance, Leadership


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