Exosome Production, Isolation and Characterization from A549 Epithelial Carcinoma Cells

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Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Fen Fakültesi

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Exosomes are natural nanoparticles that their special features as a natural, homogeneous, nanosized, targeted vesicles (~ 50- 100 nm) have started to be used in the treatment of cancer very recently They have high avidity (many conformational attachment) to attach onto targeted cancer cell surfaces. They are composed of bioactive double-layered lipid layers in which their original nature has the adhesive proteins interacting with the cancer cell membrane easily. In this study, the exosomes of non-small cell lung cancer, A549-epithelial carcinoma cells were investigated for their potential to be the natural or synthetic drug carrier. Firstly, exosomes of A549 cell line were produced using exosome-free media. Immediately after, isolation of their exosomes were performed by using ultracentrifugation procedure. Their SEM image, particle size and zeta potential measurements, exosomal RNA analysis and Protein Content by Bradford assays were performed. Findings (Size: 168 nm; zeta: -16mV) on the properties of A549 cell exosomes proved their potential to be used as the drug carrier for cancer cell therapy.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Ekzosom, Ultrasantrifüj, A549 hücre hattı, miRNA


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Hacettepe J. Biol. & Chem., 2019, 47 (4), 383-388