The Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support in the Impact of Passion for Work on Sustainable competitive Advantage

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The research was conducted to investigate the relationship between work passion, perception of organizational support and sustainable competitive advantage. Internet interviews were conducted with 406 academics from 18 foundation universities in Turkey. Based on these interviews, the effects of academics' work passion on sustainability and Perceived organizational support were analyzed. Passion for work is closely related to the performance of academics. This research focuses specifically on the concept of passion for work in academics. Harmonious passion, one of the sub-dimensions of this concept, positively affects perceived organizational support and sustainable competitive advantage. Obsessive passion, another sub-dimension of work passion, has negative effects on these two variables. Furthermore, the study also explores the mediating role of perceived organizational support to help increase sustainable competitive advantage. The aim is to reveal the extent to which work passion affects sustainability. In addition, it is another aim to reveal whether this situation increases the impact on sustainability when added to the model as a perceived organizational support tool. As an important point, it has been seen that perceived organizational support does not have a mediating role in the effect of obsessive passion on sustainable competitive advantage.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Sustainability, Passion for Work, Perceived Organizational Support, Harmonious Passion, Obsessive Passion


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