Assesment of outdoor radioactivity and health risk in Adıyaman Province of Turkey

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Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi

Erişim Hakkı


This study was conducted to determine the outdoor absorbed gamma dose levels in and around Adiyaman province in the southeast of Turkey. Measurements were performed using a portable plastic scintillator at 94 different points (Eberline Smart Portable (ESP-2) model). Three readings were made for each measurement and the mean of these three values were determined and the gamma dose values were determined for each measurement region. External gamma irradiation velocities were measured between 63.5 (nGy/h) and 380.2 (nGy/h) levels in Adıyaman and surrounding areas and the mean value was calculated as 144.3 (nGy/h). This value corresponds to the average effective dose equivalent of 177 ?Sv per year. The lifetime averages of cancer risk values for ICRP 103, BEIR VII and ICRP 60 were found to be 0.071, 0.079 and 0.089, respectively. The results obtained with the results of similar studies in other provinces in Turkey and compared with the world average


Anahtar Kelimeler

Cancer risk, Gamma dose, Annual effective dose, Adıyaman Province


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Cumhuriyet Sci. J., Vol.40-3 (2019) 776-783