Information Management, Organizational Intelligence, and Innovation Performance Triangle: Empirical Research on Turkish It Firms

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The study aims to investigate whether information management practices and organizational intelligence have an effect on a firm's innovation performance within the framework of resource-based theory via empirical field studies in technology and information technology (IT) companies. The study is mainly conducted on technology and information technology companies operating in the Marmara Region of Turkey. The reason for choosing technology-intensive companies is that the scales used for the survey are organization types, which can accurately measure the institution's knowledge, organizational intelligence, and innovation performance. The survey collection process includes the data of 495 managers, collected between 2018 and 2019. In this study, in which the effect of the sensitivity between information management practices, the sub-dimensions of organizational intelligence on innovation performance, and financial and growth performance are examined within the framework of resource-based theory, (i) a significant relationship is determined between information management practices and both a firm's innovation performance and its financial and growth performance; (ii) innovation performance is found to have a direct and positive effect on a firm's growth and financial performance; (iii) while the presence of perceived knowledge, which is one of the sub-dimensions of organizational intelligence, has no strong impact on innovation performance, mental model development has a direct and positive effect on innovation performance. The fact that there are few studies in the literature, to the best of our knowledge, examining information management practices, organizational intelligence, innovation performance, and financial and growth performance together increases the relevance of this study. Therefore, it is believed that the study will contribute to the literature with theoretical and managerial implications.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Information management and practices, Organizational intelligence, Innovation performance, Financial and growth performance, Technology and IT firms


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SAGE Open October-December 2021: 1–18