The Mediating Role of Burnout Syndrome in Toxic Leadership and Job Satisfaction in Organizations


Today, leaders who contribute positively to businesses, as well as leaders who contribute negatively to busi nesses are increasing day by day. This study was conducted to investigate the mediating effect of burnout syndrome (BS) on toxic leadership (TL) and job satisfaction (JS) in businesses. The results of the SEM analysis, using a sample of 412 participants working in public hospitals in the Marmara region of Turkey in İstanbul, show that toxic leadership (TL) has negative effects on burnout syndrome (BS) and job satisfaction (JS). Al though there are studies investigating the direct effect of toxic leadership on job satisfaction, there are lim ited data testing the burnout syndrome subcomponents on the effect of toxic leadership on job satisfaction. This research is critical in showing the mediating role of personal achievement burnout (PRS_Scc) dimension in the effect of toxic leadership (TL) on job satisfaction (JS) subcomponents.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Burnout Syndrome, Hospital, Job Satisfaction, Organizations, Toxic Leadership


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