Evaluation of trace elements in essential thrombocytosis and reactive thrombocytosis

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Background: Trace elements (TE) are vital for cellular mechanisms at biological, chemical and molecular levels. The effects of TE in diagnosis, progression and treatment of essential thrombocytosis (ET), which is one of the chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms is a rare clonal stem cell disease characterized by increased thrombocyte numbers with impaired function, have not been elucidated in detail yet. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of TE alterations in an ET model and the efficacy of TE in ET treatment protocol by means of a vast number of TE.Methods: Study groups were categorized as patients with ET diagnosis (ET group, n:30), patients with reactive thrombocytosis secondary to iron deficiency anemia (IDA-RT) (IDA-RT group, n:30) and healthy controls (HC group, n:30). Serum levels of copper (Cu), iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), chromium (Cr), aluminum (Al), silicon (Si), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), selenium (Se), manganese (Mn), boron (B) and magnesium (Mg) were analyzed utilizing inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrophotometer instrument (ICP-OES). Statistical analysis was evaluated using SPSS 23.0.Results: ET group had statistically higher serum levels of Co and Mg (p < 0.05), Ni and Mn (p < 0.001), and lower Si (p < 0.05) than IDA-RT group. ET group had statistically higher serum levels of Co and Mn (p < 0.05), and Ni (p < 0.001), and lower Al, Si and Se (p < 0.001) than HC group. Serum levels of Fe, Al and Se (p < 0.001), and Mg (p < 0.01), and Zn (p < 0.05) in IDA-RT group were significantly lower than HC group.Conclusion: This novel study pointed out that alterations of many serum TE by means of both increment or decrement might have close relationship with mechanisms and complications of ET onset and follow-up. We consider that further research of TE would elucidate ethiopathogenesis and prognosis of ET. Thus, analysis of serum trace elements in essential thrombocytosis patients may be an important protocol by means of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up intervals.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Essential thrombocytosis, Reactive thrombocytosis, Trace elements


Journal Of Trace Elements In Medicine And Biology

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