2781. Model Reaching Adaptive-Robust Control Law For Vibration İsolation Systems With Parametric Uncertainty

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Journal of Vibroengineering

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Adaptive control has been used for active vibration isolation and vehicle suspensions systems. A model reference adaptive control law is used for the plant to track the ideal reference model. In a model reaching adaptive control approach, the ideal of a skyhook target without using a reference model is achieved. In this paper, a novel approach, a model reaching adaptive-robust control law is studied for active vibration isolation systems. A dynamic manifold for ideal system is defined using the ideal of a skyhook target model system parameters. First, a new Lyapunov function is defined. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, a model reaching adaptive and a robust control laws are derived for the uncertain system to reach the ideal manifold. Parameters and upper bounding functions are estimated as a trigonometric function depending on the relative displacements, velocities and the defined manifold. The developed adaptive and the robust compensators are combined and this combination is proposed as an adaptive-robust control law. After that, the controller is applied to a vehicle suspension system and the ideal of a skyhook target without using a reference model is achieved. The results also show that the proposed robust control law can increase the comfort of the vehicle active suspension systems and the ride comfort is remarkably increased.


Anahtar Kelimeler

adaptive control, robust control, model reaching, vehicle suspension, vibration isolation, Lyapunov theory, ride comfort


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