Effects Of Erythropoıetın Pretreatment On Lıver, Kıdney, Heart Tıssue In Pentylentetrazol-Induced Seızures; Evaluatıon In Terms Of Oxıdatıve Markers, Prolıdase And Sıalıc Acıd

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Objective: The effects of erythropoietin (EPO) which has been frequently studied as an anti-epileptic agent, on peripheral tissues have not been investigated. This study investigated the effects on malondialdehyde (MDA), advanced protein oxidation products (AOPP), superoxide dismutase (SOD), prolidase and sialic acid (SA) levels in the heart, kidney and liver tissues of EPO pretreatment in pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced seizures. Materials and Method: Thirty three male adult rats were divided into three groups. A saline-injected control group, a 60 mg/kg PTZ-injected group to induce seizures and a 3000 IU/kg EPO-injected group 24 hours before seizures. After seizure severity and seizure latency were scored, the rats sacrificed, the tissues were immediately removed for biochemical analyses. Results: The PTZ-induced seizures increased MDA in kidney (p<0.01) and AOPP in liver (p<0.05) but didn’t alter these markers in heart tissue. In all three tissues, SOD didn’t change due to seizures. The SA levels increased in the heart (p<0.001), de creased in the kidney (p<0.001), and were unchanged in liver. Prolidase increased (p<0.05) only in kidney, and was unchanged in other tissues. EPO-pretreatment decreased seizure severity and increased seizure latency. It prevented the increase in MDA in the kidney (p<0.01) but increased AOPP (p<0.05) and decreased SOD (p<0.01) and further increased prolidase more than the seizures increased (p<0.01). EPO-pretreatment prevented the increase in AOPP in the liver (p<0.05) but was ineffective in PTZ-induced SA changes in the heart and kidney. Conclusion: We think that the increase in the heart SA level in seizures is an original finding and deserves investigation in the context of seizure-related cardiac arrhytmias. Also, despite the EPO’s anti-seizure effect, increased protein oxidaiton and prolidase, especially in the kidney, is an other important finding that needs further research.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Erythropoietin, PTZ-induced seizures, Oxidative stress markers, Sialic acid, Prolidase, Peripheral tissues


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J Ist Faculty Med 2021;84(4):464-71.