The Role of the Director in the Performance Management System

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The important factor of the work management in the management system is to put forth the human wealth. The most important reason upon many is the production factor is the person's factor is that it is taken place in two different basic inputs. The first is the labor factor that contributes to the physical activity. The second is the mental factor that contributes in the management factor. Two of the five basic inputs, which are related to the human's productivity and activity, is a mutual goal for the actual management: how can a person work more productively and actively? To find the answer to this question, directors and academicians have come up with theories and the birth of these practices. The basic and effective way to increase productivity is by methods used to increase performance. Performance management or performance management systems are the names given to techniques where people's performances are inspected and enhanced. This study reveals the effect of the director by viewing the work performance system from the director's line. The workers should be directed, evaluated, paid, and improved by the directors. The institutional culture that the director provides in management in the implementation and success in the performance management system is also very important. Therefore, the successes and non-successes are based on the responsibility of the director, and the director also contributes to the management systems successful practice as well.


3rd International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (INTCESS) -- FEB 08-10, 2016 -- Istanbul, TURKEY

Anahtar Kelimeler

Director, Performance, Management


3rd International Conference On Education And Social Sciences (Intcess 2016)

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