The Position Of Eurasia In The Current World Order: An Emerging Historical Bloc

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Dumlupınar University

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The aim of this paper is to evaluate the potentials of Eurasia in becoming a historical bloc within the current world order. The theoretical framework of this paper is based on Robert Cox’s Critical Theory, which claims that a change in World order may occur through the “war of position” between counter historical blocs. Eurasia with its many emerging economies and vast energy supplies is one of the most dynamic regions of the World. Moreover, besides improving intra-regional relations, Eurasia also endorses a multipolar and pluralist World order. While direct instruments of this endorsement are organizations like Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Development Bank; indirect instruments are organizations like BRICS and New Development Bank. In the light of Critical Theory, international and inter-regional organizations play a crucial role in constituting historical blocs. Therefore, this regional dynamism in Eurasia deserves a close analysis. This paper pursues a holistic approach. For this reason, after introducing main characteristics of current world order within the light of the abovementioned theory, in this paper, I am aiming to focus on relational and institutional perspectives, rather than to evaluate Eurasian countries individually,


Anahtar Kelimeler

Historical bloc, Eurasia,, SCO,, Robert Cox.


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Dumlupınar University Journal of Social Sciences Afro-Avrasya Özel Sayısı-Aralık 2016