Robust control of vehicle suspension systems with friction non-linearity for ride comfort enhancement

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Robust controllers are attracting considerable interest in control of dynamic systems due to their capability of eliminating parameterized or unparameterized uncertainties. Therefore, model based robust control law is proposed in this study for ride comfort enhancement and applied on a 7 degree-of-freedom full-car suspension system with friction non-linearity. Inertia, spring and damping forces of the system are modelled with parameterized uncertainties while friction forces and external disturbances are considered as unmodelled dynamics, namely, unparameterized uncertainties. To better understand the effectiveness of proposed controller, a dry friction model that has non-linear characteristics is used for analysis. Closed-loop stability of the system is achieved by using well-known Lyapunov Stability Theorem. To better evaluate the effect of proposed robust controller on ride comfort enhancement with successful road holding, extensive numerical analysis is performed and the results are compared with those of previous similar controller and passive suspension system. The effectiveness of proposed control method has been confirmed. Consequently, satisfactory results have been obtained proving that the ride comfort of a vehicle that has both parameterized and unparameterized uncertainties has been further improved with reasonable power consumption values for a vehicle in terms of economic viability.


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Robust controller, dry friction, Lyapunov theory, stability, ride comfort


Journal Of Vibration And Control

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