The Application Of Different Deliming Agents For Decreasing Ammonium Pollution Load Caused By Deliming Operation In Leather Industry And The Effects Of These Deliming Agents On Leather Quality And Effluent Pollution Load


Effluent which has a high content of ammonium load is produced as a result of traditional deliming operation during the leather production. In this operation, ammonium salts are being used. Among the production processes the highest rate of ammonium content is originated from the traditional deliming operation. The NH3 in water is a source of pollution. Ammonia is converted into nitrate by means of nitrogen cycle in nature. The ammonium discharged into natural water sources has toxic effects on living organisms. In this research by application of weak acids studies on sheep skins were made to reduce the ammonium load that originated from deliming operation. Beside the deliming effect of acids, N content of the resulting discharge water was determined and the effect of these methods on the quality of the leather was studied. The data obtained from the study were compared with the traditional deliming methods and standards.


Anahtar Kelimeler

leather, deliming, weak acid, ammonium salts, environment


WoS Q Değeri

Scopus Q Değeri




Journal of Science and Technology 1 (2), 2007, 252-263