Assessment Of Quality Characteristics Of Fried Zucchini Slices, Pre-Dried With Osmotic Dehydration

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In this study, it was aimed to investigate the quality characteristics of fried zucchini slices pre-dried using osmotic dehydration (OD) method at varying conditions (salt concentration, vacuum or ultrasound application, time). Textural properties (hardness, elasticity, cohesiveness, chewiness, firmness), surface color values (L*, a*, b*), moisture and oil content of the final product were determined. Textural properties did not change with OD applications (p>0.05). Vacuum and solution concentration applied during OD method had significant effects on surface color values (p?0.05). OD did not cause any significant change in final moisture and oil content of the fried product. In case of ultrasound assisted osmotic dehydration (US-OD), it was seen that the effect of time on moisture content was important the solution concentration of 5% (p?0.05). On the other hand, changes at salt concentration have created significant differences in both the application process (p?0.001). When solution concentration was 0%, effect of time was negligible to oil content (p>0.05). Notwithstanding, the solution concentration for both processing time was found to be significant (p?0.05).


Anahtar Kelimeler

Osmotic dehydration, Ultrasound, Frying, Textural properties, Surface color values, Moisture content


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Int J Agric Environ Food Sci 3(4):220-225 (2019)