The Mediator Role Of Social Support Amid Work-Life Balance And Burnout Of Employees’ In The Context Of Coronavirus Pandemic Precautions And Social Isolation


The aim of this research is investigating the effects of social support and work-life balance on em-ployees’ burnout in the context of coronavirus pandemic precautions and social isolation. The sample of the research consists of 422 participants in education, health, public, IT, retailing, service, com-merce, tourism, transportation, industry and logistics sectors. The contribution of the research is ex-ploring the relationship between burnout, social support and work-life balance. Findings of the re-search demonstrate that social support has an effect on work-life balance and also has partially mediat-ing effect amid work-life balance and burnout. Observations suggest that burnout levels of women employees are extensive than men employees. To conclude; work-life balance, social support and burnout group levels differ according to gender whilst no significant difference among work-life bal-ance, social support and burnout group levels according to marital status. As for changes in work life, salary and family life due to COVID-19 outbreak precautions, hypotheses are partly accepted.


Anahtar Kelimeler

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Work-Life Balance, Burnout, Social Support, Mediating Effect, Social Isolation.


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BUJSE 13/1 (2020), 8-20