MCDM approach to investigate the effectiveness of SCRUM events in minimizing risk factors in project management

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Traditional project management methods have been used for many years in the implementation and management of projects. With the publication of the agile manifesto in 2001, the interest in agile methods increased and successful results were obtained in the execution and solution of complex projects with agile approaches. Agile approach consists of different structures that can be named as framework or method. Among these agile methods, which are selected and applied according to the suitability and purpose of the project, the most frequently preferred one is SCRUM. In this study, SCRUM, an agile project management technique that has been used frequently in recent years in order to develop a flexible project management process, has been examined, and the effectiveness of the events of the SCRUM technique in minimizing the risks that arise in project management has been evaluated. Determining the effectiveness of these SCRUM events, which each agile project team implements in turn, is very important for the correct and effective allocation of resources. For this purpose, a multi-criteria decision-making model has been proposed to evaluate the effectiveness of 4 SCRUM events within the scope of this study. While the importance weights of the 24 project management risk factors proposed in the solution phase of the created model were determined by the SWARA method, the SCRUM events were evaluated with the WASPAS, COPRAS and EDAS methods and the solution values found by three different methods were compared. & COPY; 2023 Growing Science Ltd. All rights reserved.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Agile project management, SCRUM events, MCDM


Journal Of Project Management

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