Indoor and tap water radon (222Rn) concentration measurements at Giresun University campus areas

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In this study, indoor (air) and tap water Radon (Rn-222) measurements were performed at various campus areas of Giresun University. The measurement and analysis results were compared with the values recommended by international and national organizations and those reported in literature studies. The measured and calculated values were found to be under the recommended limits. Also, annual effective dose values were evaluated to determine the annual radon exposure of an individual working in the measurement area. Indoor radon concentration values measured by CR-39 detectors were in the range of 76 Bq/m(3)-504 Bq/m(3) and the mean concentration value was obtained as 193.7 Bq/m(3). The radon concentrations in tap water samples were found to be in the range of 0.98 Bq/L-27.28 Bq/L. The annual mean effective doses (E-wig) of drinking water samples were calculated in the range of 9.9-150.4 (mu Sv/y) for ingestion and 0.97-14.84 (mu Sv/y) for inhalation calculations. Excess life time cancer risk (ELCR) was estimated as 0.54%. Radon dose rate in terms of mean annual working level month was calculated as 0.246 WLM/year. The study was performed with a view to contribute to further studies in the related field and constitute a basis for the measurements conducted in this area.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Natural radioactivity, Radon measurement, Indoor radon concentration, Tap water radon concentration, Annual effective dose, Excess life time cancer risk


Applied Radiation And Isotopes

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