A Case Study of Beach User Perceptions in Sile, Istanbul

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Mediterranean Coastal Foundation-Medcoast Foundation

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In order to facilitate public participation in the preparation of plans and policies for sustainable development, acquiring the perception of the public and community based planning become vital. Acknowledgement about perceptions of the end-users could lead the decision makers in adopting these thoughts in their policies and consequently can lead to content visitors. User perceptions can become vital especially at beach preferences as cleanliness, safety and amenities are some of the apparent factors that will affect. With the awareness of probable adaptation of beach users' demands into policy recommendations, a case study has been carried out at Black Sea Coast of Istanbul at Sile beaches. Sue has been chosen in this study purposefully as it is a touristic district of Istanbul which has aimed to earn Blue Flag award but has not been awarded yet. Secondly, it receives high amount of visitors especially during the peak periods in weekends; as it has a very close location to the city, people are choosing here most of the time just for the day. In this research with factors about human use of beach and impacts like cleanliness and sufficiency of amenities (showers, toilets, changing cubicles, parks etc.) and the number of lifeguards are studied. Beach users' perceptions are collected by means of a questionnaire randomly applied during the week time. To include beach users' demands into policy recommendations and utilize the conclusions and recommendations, the researchers aim to acknowledge the municipality about the results.


9th International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment -- NOV 10-14, 2009 -- Sochi, RUSSIA

Anahtar Kelimeler


Medcoast 09: Ninth International Conference On The Mediterranean Coastal Environment, Vols 1 And 2

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