Innovative Suffocation Management and The Effects of the Suffocation Concentrations created by Shopping Malls in Urban Area

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The suffocation is an innovative metric that can be used in Satellite City Design. Suffocation is a scalar magnitude which is proportional to the volumes of interacting buildings and cross proportional to the the distance between the outer contours of the buildings and is inspired from the theory of Gravitation and theory of Potential. By summing up the suffocations of each building in the area it is possible to calculate the Total suffocation affecting a single building. The total suffocation with relevant decision variables and constraint functions can be used as a design optimization metric for suburban or satellite city design processes. In this study the effect of the big shopping mall constructions over the total suffocation distribution for given area will be analyzed as a real case study for the satellite cities around the metropolitan areas. The change for the construction distribution will be retrieved from simple Geographic Information Systems applications such as Google Earth. The change in the total distribution of total suffocation over the area where there are huge shopping malls are computed and the results are discussed.


2nd Annual International Conference on Leadership, Technology and Innovation Management -- OCT 11-13, 2012 -- Beykent Univ, Taksim Campus, Istanbul, TURKEY

Anahtar Kelimeler

suffocation, satellite city design, optimization


Second International Conference On Leadership, Technology And Innovation Management (2012)

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