Discourse of Being Woman in Turkey: A Discourse Study With Women

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The aim of this study is to examine through discourse analysis the construction of the meaning of being woman in discourses of women living in Turkey, interpretative repertoires used when constructing its, subject positions that these discourses present to women and ideological dilemmas. Participants of the study consisted of 21 women over the age of 26 Ten different focus group interviews were held with each discourse group. Talks were recorded, then transcribed and evaluated through discourse analysis. Three interpretative repertoires, women in body, women in society and women in future, were obtained from the speech texts. Determined subject positions were strong woman, I and the other woman, and repressed woman . Ideological dilemmas about the meaning of being woman were working, educated woman / mother woman, women and men are equal / women and men cannot be equal due to their natures, it is good to be a woman / it is bad to be a woman and women run the show / desperate women. This study shows that what being a woman means to women is talked through the nested discourses in the society and it reveals the reproduction of the meaning of being woman. However this common meaning has varied when talking about the status of the woman. The position of women has been determined by this variety and status.


Anahtar Kelimeler

The meaning of being a woman, interpretative repertoires, subject positions, ideological dilemmas, discourse analysis


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