Classical Symmetric Fourth Degree Potential Systems in Probabilistic Evolution Theoretical Perspective: Most Facilitative Conicalization and Squarification of Telescope Matrices

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Probabilistic evolution theory (PREVTH) provides a powerful framework for the solution of initial value problems of explicit ordinary differential equation sets with second degree multinomial right hand side functions. The use of the recursion between squarified telescope matrices provides the opportunity to obtain accurate results without much effort. Convergence may be considered as one of the drawbacks of PREVTH. It is related to many factors: the initial values and the coefficients in the right hand side functions are the most apparent ones. If a space extension is utilized before PREVTH, the convergence of PREVTH may also be affected by how the space extension is performed. There are works about implementations related to probabilistic evolution and how to improve the convergence by methods like analytic continuation. These works were written before squarification was introduced. Since recursion between squarified telescope matrices has given us the opportunity to obtain results corresponding to relatively higher truncation levels, it is important to obtain and analyze results related to certain problems in different areas of engineering. This manuscript may be considered to be in a series of papers and conference proceedings which serves for this purpose.


11th International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Aerospace and Sciences (ICNPAA) -- JUL 04-08, 2016 -- Univ La Rochelle, La Rochelle, FRANCE

Anahtar Kelimeler


Icnpaa 2016 World Congress: 11th International Conference On Mathematical Problems In Engineering, Aerospace And Sciences

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