Designing A Dynamic Protocol For Real-Time Industrial Internet Of Thingsbased Applications By Efficient Management Of System Resources


Wireless sensor networks have gained the attention of researchers from various fields due to increased applicability. This has thus led to rapid development in the field. However, these networks still suffer from various challenges and limitations. These range from computation and processing power and available energy to mention but a few. These problems are even much more pronounced in some areas of the field such as real-time Internet of Things-based applications. In this study, a dynamic protocol that efficiently utilizes the available resources is proposed. The protocol employs five developed algorithms that aid the data transmission, neighbor, and optimal path finding processes. The protocol can be utilized in, but not limited to, real-time large-data streaming applications. The protocol is implemented on sensor nodes that are custom made by our research team. In this article, a structure that enables the sensor devices to communicate with each other over their local network or Internet as required in order to preserve the available resources is defined. Both theoretical and experimental result analyses of the entire protocol in general and individual algorithms are also performed.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Big data wireless sensor networks, real-time systems, energy efficiency, routing protocol, Internet of Things, Network of Things


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Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2019, Vol. 11(10) 1–20