Effects of Sodium Lactate on the Shelf Life and Sensory Characteristics of Cig Kofte - A Turkish Traditional Raw Meatball

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Cig kofte is a meat product consumed traditionally almost everywhere in Turkey. It has a poor hygienic quality and can contain several pathogenic bacteria while no heating or cooking process is applied during any stage of manufacturing. The effects of sodium lactate on the microbiological and sensorial quality of cig kofte were investigated during display life (0, 3, 6, 12, 24h) in order to determine the shelf life of the product. For this purpose, cig kofte samples were manufactured with various concentration of sodium lactate (1%, 2%, 3% and 4% NaL) and examined either in ambient (20C +/- 2) or refrigerator (4C +/- 2) storage. As a result, the hygienic quality and shelf life of cig kofte were somewhat improved; microbial growth was delayed dependent on NaL concentration used, and shelf life was increased up to 24h. Although 1% and 2% NaL received appreciation by the panelists, an undesired loss of color and drying during storage may affect consumer's acceptance. Practical Application Cig kofte is a meat product that has a poor hygienic quality, while no heating or cooking process is applied during any stage of manufacturing. Since heat treatment is inappropriate for the raw characteristics of the product, it was aimed to prolong the shelf life of cig kofte by the addition of sodium lactate, which is used as aqueous form in food industry, in its recipe in company with cold water, which is a main ingredient added during the kneading process. Sodium lactate provides retardation on the microbial growth of cig kofte dependent on concentration used and increases the shelf life up to 24h. Appearance is the first quality attribute evaluated by consumers when choosing a food product, so 1% and 2% NaL are more favorable by the panelists.


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Journal Of Food Processing And Preservation

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