Factors influencing recurrent emergency department visits for mild acute respiratory tract infections caused by the influenza virus

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Background. Seasonal viral outbreaks, exemplified by influenza A and B viruses, lead to spikes in emergency department (ED) visits, straining healthcare facilities. Addressing ED overcrowding has become paramount due to its implications for patient care and healthcare operations. Recurrent visits among influenza patients remain an underexplored aspect, necessitating investigation into factors influencing such revisits.Methods. Conducted within a tertiary care university hospital, this study adopts an observational retrospective cohort design. The study included adult patients with acute respiratory symptoms diagnosed with influenza using rapid antigen testing. The cohort was divided into single and recurrent ED visitors based on revisits within 10 days of initial discharge. A comparative analysis was performed, evaluating demographics, laboratory parameters, and clinical process data between recurrent visitors and single visitors.Results. Among 218 patients, 36.2% (n = 139) experienced recurrent ED visits. Age and gender disparities were not significant. Antibiotics were prescribed for 55.5% (n = 121) and antivirals for 92.7% (n = 202) of patients, with no notable influence on recurrence. Recurrent visitors exhibited lower monocyte counts, hemoglobin levels, higher PDW and P-LCR percentages, and increased anemia prevalence (p = 0.036, p = 0.01, p = 0.004, p = 0.029, p = 0.017, respectively). C-reactive protein (CRP) levels did not significantly affect recurrence.Conclusion. This study highlights the pressing concern of recurrent ED visits among mild influenza patients, magnifying the challenges of ED overcrowding. The observed notable prescription rates of antibiotics and antivirals underscore the intricate land-scape of influenza management. Diminished monocyte counts, hemoglobin levels, and altered platelet parameters signify potential markers for identifying patients at risk of recurrent visits.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Influenza, Acute respiratory infection, Emergency department, Recurrent visit



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