Advertising And Social Media Strategies In Development Of Brand Personality

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The brands are the perceptual meeting points of the values, goals and promises of companies with the expectations of consumers. Developing brand personality is a key approach to create a strong bond between the consumers and the brand which comprises certain values and characteristics of a lifestyle, providing consumers a way for self-expression. Advertising strategies have an important contribution in the development of brand personality by creating a potential that strengthens the personal bond with the target groups. In accordance with differentiation strategies, this process is nourished by the demand for the match of inspiring human characters with the brands in the course of consumer experiences. Social media has become one of the most effective marketing environments in human history, and building the brand personality through social media has become a dominant strategic approach for brands. An effective social media strategy is achieved with an appropriate match of the contents and the communication platforms with respect to the nature of these platforms having their own functional constraints and own cultural tendencies. Fundamentally, trust has a determinative effect on the way the consumer perceives the advertisement from the very beginning. Therefore, companies need to prioritize trust in their corporate business strategies so that customers can approach ads and social media messages with a positive attitude.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Brand Personality, Development of Brand Personality, Advertising for Brand Personality, Social Media Strategies, Brand Trust


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International Congress of Management Economy amd Policy, 548-556 s.