Physical Education and Sports of High School Students’ Habits of Shopping on Facebook


Originally intended to serve as a social communication tool, Facebook now offers a variety of services for its users. One of these services is online shopping that we can consider within the framework of social trade concept. These social networks are used for marketing purposes in sports sector and Facebook as one of these social networks enables its users to do online shopping and plays an important role in sports marketing. The study mainly aims at identifying the opinions of Turkish SPTS (physical education and sports of high school) students in their habits of online shopping via Facebook and examining whether these opinions vary according to demographic variables. In this regard, a questionnaire with 3 sections and 34 questions in total was administrated to 788 participants. Following the survey, it was found that majority of the participants use Facebook and their habits of online shopping on Facebook are particularly high. It was also found that students use Facebook more often, and this habit is higher in those with higher education (university and above) than those with lower education. Participants access companies, receive information about products and services, and do shopping via Facebook. Moreover, it was concluded that income status, educational status, age, gender, internet usage level (Facebook) and job status (occupation) were related to users’ perception of advertisement and their purchasing.


Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences

Anahtar Kelimeler

Social network, facebook, online shopping, social trade


WoS Q Değeri

Scopus Q Değeri




J. Appl. Environ. Biol. Sci., 4(8)78-89, 2014