Seismic Vulnarability Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Located in Esenler District of İstanbul

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Istanbul is one of the largest cities of Turkey which is located on the regions where there is high seismic activities. Recent studies performed on mid-rise reinforced concrete (RC) structures showed that majority of the existing building stock does not conform to current seismic code requirements and they can be evaluated as vulnerable structures. The seismic performance evaluation of an existing buildings can be conducted by using nonlinear procedures stated in Turkish Earthquake Code (TEC-07). According to the code, an existing building completing its economic lifetime and/or having a performance level in between “Life Safety” to “Collapse Prevention” under the effect of Design Earthquake is defined as “building under seismic risk”. Before going into such a detailed seismic evaluation procedure for each building, there is a need for regional screening surveys to rank the building stock in terms of the potential seismic hazard. This study aims to assess the seismic vulnerability of a group of midrise RC buildings located in Esenler District of İstanbul employing the Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) procedure. In this study, valuable results have been derived to rank the buildings in terms of seismic vulnerability of existing structures located in Istanbul. It is concluded that the number of stories is the key parameter to change the priority range of the building from lowest to highest level. Majority of the buildings with the highest priority level (0?PS?30) suffer from the parameters related with poor construction quality, soft story irregularity and the heavy overhang. The aforementioned method could be used to estimate the performance scores of the buildings to determine the priority for more detailed seismic risk assessment procedures.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Rapid visual screening, Seismic assesment, Street visual surveying, Reinforced concrete structures, Earthquake performance


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AKÜ FEMÜBİD 18 (2018) 015604 (285-294)