A MCDM Model Proposal and Solution for Evaluating Agile Methods Used in Supply Chain Management

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In the developing and changing world, the field of technology hosts many innovations. Supply chain management has also evolved in the light of technological developments and incorporated the concept of agility. Agile supply chain is the ability to respond quickly to unexpected changes in demand and supply. As supply chains compete in a rapidly changing and growing market, the agility of the supply chain provides a significant competitive advantage to firms. An agile supply chain has the ability to respond flexibly and quickly to demands and problems. It benefits companies by adopting the right product, the right customer, the right transportation, and the right supply system. In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the agile methods used in the supply chain management processes, and for this purpose, a multi-criteria model consisting of 12 criteria and 9 alternatives was proposed. This proposed model was solved with two-stage multi-criteria solution techniques, and in the first stage of the solution, criterion weights were calculated with the SWARA method, while the evaluation and ranking of alternative agile methods were carried out with the WASPAS method. The application results are presented in the study, so that the most appropriate agile method methodology to be used in supply chain management was determined.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Agile Management, Agile Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, SWARA, WASPAS


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