Customer Experience Management In Pharmaceutical Sector: An Interview Study

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The word of customer and its meaning has been evaluated to todays meaning since 1920s. In the begining the word of customer is used for who buys and pays for the products. Recently this meaning has changed into the service taker for whose personal and institutional needs are afforded by companies or personal. Customer experience management is important to stay alive and competitive in any sector. Addiotinally in supply chains also customer experience management is great opportunity to win a piece in the sectorial pie. The pharmaceutical industry as being the 3rd greatest sector in the world, manufactures synthetic, herbal, animal and biological chemicals used for therapeutic, protective, and diagnostic purposes in human and veterinary medicine in accordance with pharmaceutical technology. The pharmaceutical industry has also particular importance with his value-added position and is critical with his capacity in production and trade volume in the world. In the globalizing world, the pharmaceutical sector has entered into rapid growth process in recent years, with the effect of both demographic changes and increases in life expectancy and increased access to health services. The logistics & transportations of pharmaceutical sector is very important and needs OTIF (on time in full delivery performance) results on high level which means that cost reduction in the meantime is very important for efficency. In this study an interview has been done with Özge Karataş(MSc) who is Business Intelligence and Customer Relations Senior Manager in pharmecuetical sector and has won a number awards in mentioned area and Olga Potaptseva who is in top 20 CX professional in the world. The questions of the interview and their experience in the sector will help us to understand importance customer relationship & expreince management in pharmecuetical sector


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Pharma Industry Sector, Customer Experience Maanagement, Interview


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