Mathematics and Excel Based Statistical Lean Accounting Implementation on a Construction Industry Firm

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Lean accounting and lean management are eye-catching concepts today in the highly competitive business world. Modern companies are trying hard to become leaner in order to be flexible, avoid waste, eliminate unnecessary costs and actions, decrease inventories, value customers and lower idle capacity. This research paper did run a statistical lean accounting implementation on a firm operating in the construction industry. Since the information and identity of mentioned construction industry firm is confidential, it was labeled and called as the CST Company. The study benefited from Excel software and mathematics for the statistical lean accounting implementation and 9173 records of 120 Accounts Receivable transactions belonging to CST Company were analyzed as the total universe. However, the research only considered 100 records of 120 Accounts Receivable transactions as the sample size. It was found that statistical lean accounting implementation using mathematics and Excel was very beneficial for CST Company, since the practice labeled 58 records out of 100 sample size as in attention (risky). It was determined that, these accounting receivable invoices (sums) should be monitored and investigated. Research findings are parallel to some former literature such as Womack and Jones (1994), Kocamış (2015), Cokins (2009) and Kabene (2011).


Anahtar Kelimeler

Lean Accounting, Construction Industry, Statistics, Mathematics, Excel


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BUJSS 9/1 (2016), 19-38