Electromagnetic Shielding Performances of Colemanite PANI / SIO2 Composites in Radar and Wider Frequency Ranges


In this study, colemanite-SiO2 were produced by using mixed oxide technique. The composition was formed with various proportions for the structural analysis. The results of the structural analysis indicated that second phase did not form in colemanite and SiO2. Addionality, the colemanite/ polyaniline/SiO2 composites were produced by hot pressing using the compositions of colemanite- SiO2 in different proportions and aniline. The weight ratios of colemanite-SiO2 and aniline were 1:1 respectively and epoxy resin was used to produce microwave shielding composites. The microwave shielding performances of colemanite/polyaniline/SiO2 composites were investigated by shielding effectiveness in 8 –18 GHz using two–port vector network analyzer. A minimum of – 41.1 dB shielding effectiveness performance was obtained in 16.09 GHz at the thickness of 1.5 mm. This shielding performance can be modulated simply by controlling the content of polyaniline and content of colemanite-SiO2 in the samples for the required frequency bands.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Elektromagnetic shielding effectiveness, Polyaniline, Colemanite, Polymer-matrix composites


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BUJSE 13/1 (2020), 34-42