The Perception of Personal Space and Crowding During Covid-19: An Example of Grocery Shopping

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Covid-19 has reshaped the daily lives of people all around the world. Many regulations and changes have been made by the authorities in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. Significantly, the regulations made by the government aim to reduce the number of people per square meter in closed areas and to increase the social distance between people. These regulations bring along new personal space and crowding perceptions. In this context, people's behaviors in many public spaces, from public transportation to grocery shopping, have gained a new texture. This change not only affected the perspective of the place but also caused a shift in the perspective of people for one another. In this paper, environmental regulations aiming to adapt people's behaviors to social distance due to Covid-19 are examined in terms of personal space and crowding concepts. The purpose is to conduct an online interview with a retrospective approach and present the data as a narrative to determine the participants' perceptions of the random sampling method about personal space and crowding concepts before and after the pandemic. The research data were analyzed using the content analysis method in the QRS Nvivo qualitative data analysis program. In the results of the study, it was revealed through the example of grocery shopping that people's need for personal space in closed areas increased, and the crowding perception differed from the pre-pandemic period due to psychological reasons.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Covid-19, Crowding, Grocery Shopping, Personal Space


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