An overview of GDP and internet banking relations in the European Union versus China

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After 1995 the Internet diffused rapidly throughout the world economy. A strong banking sector is important to every country to stimulate economic growth and maintain financial stability for the whole financial system. Hence, information and technological revolution motivated banks to spend more on technology to maximize return and attract more customers who will not accept less than above-average services. The European Union has long sought to create a single financial area across Europe where consumers in one country benefit from banking sector in other countries. With the emergence of the Internet as a platform for the provision of e-banking services, the creation of a pan-European market for banking services appeared a realistic proposition. Moreover, in spite of the long-term profitability challenges, most major banks in EU have invested and are still investing in providing Internet banking services as a new cost-effective delivery channel, driven by cost reduction, market share increase and customer retention targets. Therefore, the Chinese banking industry is not generally well understood since it had enjoyed a strong government protection from foreign competitors over a long period of time. Although internet banking in China has experienced a significant growth in the past for several years, it is still regarded in its early stage of development compared to the internet banking adoption and utilization rate in the developed nations. Finally, good economic conditions affect banking sector performance positively. The bank should benefit from conditions associated with economic boom as possible to mitigate the negative effects that may be faced by the bank during the economic recession. In the light of these facts, this paper discusses how the Internet is creating new applications for banking services. (C) 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Open access under CC BY-NC-ND license.


9th International Strategic Management Conference -- JUN 27-29, 2013 -- Riga, LATVIA

Anahtar Kelimeler

The EU, Global internet banking, GDP, China, Internet economy


Proceedings Of 9th International Strategic Management Conference

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