Strategic dimension of outsourcing in the information technologies intensified businesses

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In today's world, the advancement and usage of technology in the manufacturing industry continues to push the limits of the mind of the human being. This rapid change has been going for changing the world order. As the production of goods and services increases depending on the capital, the need for raw material has increased accordingly. The world order was re-established after 1980s, the trade volume has gradually increased and competitive environment was created with its opportunities and threats. Although many methods were introduced in outsourcing, the businesses have mostly used strategic outsourcing and co-sourcing. Where the internal sources are not preferred in information technology function, different dimensions of outsourcing or co-sourcing have been taken into consideration. The variations between the two targeted methods are established and it is attempted to find out the more advantageous aspects of each of them in mutual comparison. The current study accentuates the advantages, problems and the solution proposals associated with outsourcing and co-sourcing. The study also discusses the utilization of outsourcing and co-sourcing in banking and financial sectors as well as the applications in other sectors.


8th International Strategic Management Conference -- JUN 21-23, 2012 -- Barcelona, SPAIN

Anahtar Kelimeler

Outsourcing, Strategic Outsourcing, Co-sourcing, Information Technology


8th International Strategic Management Conference

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