Determining Supply Chain Strategies By Swot Analysis: A Case Study

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A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or general purpose. It is a military term, and its origin goes back to Sun Tzu. Its use in the modern sense coincides with the 1980s. In the increasingly competitive environment in recent years, businesses need to make a difference in the market, increase their profitability, closely follow technological developments, etc. They attach importance to developing their strategies in the corporate sense and in the field of business management strategies. However, it has been determined that enterprises cannot develop in the field of supply chain management strategies, which is one of their functional strategies, especially in the researches. Determining supply chain strategies will enable them to compete in the market, especially in terms of reducing costs, increasing customer experience, adopting innovative approaches or quality. Businesses may choose to compete in only one of these factors, or they may adopt several factors. In this study, a supply chain strategy determination study was carried out in a company that has a very important position in the wood-based panel industry sector and has adopted supply chain management, but where no strategic decisions or projects have been created. SWOT analysis was used in terms of company and supply chain process. Ten (10) supply chain strategies were determined.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Supply chain strategy, SWOT, wood-based panel industry sector


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