Diodes Loaded Active Microstrip Antennas Design and Analysis of Diodes Effects on Active Antennas for RF Wireless-Receiver-Transmitter Systems


This paper is presentation of designed different diodes loaded active model dissimilar geometries of microstrip patch antennas. As known, microstrip patch antennas have complex impedance and its impedance changes with frequency. Because of this, imaginer part of microstrip patch antennas is minimized by effect of diodes having capacitive reactance thus maximum power radiating is occurred. The aim of this project is to present different diodes loaded patch antenna for ISM 2.4 GHz and to indicate active antenna performance according to influence of locations and biasing of diodes then to compare the antenna parameters of passive models. Besides, this project is used three types of diodes which are Schottky Barrier diode, silicon variable capacitance diode and tuner diode and four diodes whose are bas70, bas83, bb619 and bb721. The simulation programmer is AWR Design Environment Microwave Office 2007 (MWO) whose analysis method is moment (Mom). Finally, the antennas that are projected are ready condition for LAN application or wireless RF receiver-transmitter systems. Return loss of designed antennas are between -25.54 dB and -36.17 dB. Gain does not change a lot but results of VSWR and input impedance is satisfactory when comparing the passive model's results.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Active antenna, diode, Mikrostrip, 2.4 Ghz ISM


WoS Q Değeri

Scopus Q Değeri




Journal of Science and Technology 3 (2), 2009, 199 – 208