Future Storage Area Requirements for Sustainability of Izmir Container Port

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Inventory method is well known in management and econometrics. But in port planning, it is rarely used because of yielding roughly the solution resulting from assuming average holding days of containers at yard and one-day data representing whole days in a month. In this study, the inventory model is utilized for future storage requirements of Izmir port. Especially in city ports, the size of storage area needed affects directly the city traffic and planning. This study gives the general information whether the size of storage area required for future extension of port is adequate for the allowed development area in land side of port. The exact solution can be found by using complicated mathematical modeling and simulation. In this study, especially the inventory and cost model are processed for present values of container statistics. The similar process is maintained in order to determine the future storage area of Izmir port. Even though the limited data is analyzed, the reasonable solutions are obtained by assuming some parameters such as storage days and forecasting results. For three- five-year planning terms, the inventory and cost model is utilized for future extension of storage area existing in Izmir port.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Container storage, storage yard optimization, port planning, container traffic, inventory method


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Journal of Science and Technology 3 (2), 2009, 189 – 198