Removal of crystal violet dye from aqueous solutions using montmorillonite-based nanoclays: Kinetic and equilibrium studies

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Gazi Univ, Fac Engineering Architecture

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In recent years, water pollution has become a major problem, especially due to the wastes discharged from different sectors without treatment. Among these, there are various paint wastes used by the textile, leather, paper and cosmetics sectors. Crystal violet (CV) is a widely known cationic dye and is often used as a colorant in industries. CV dye is known to be toxic to humans and animals at 1 ppb. For this reason, it is very important for environmental safety to treat industrial wastewater from crystal violet before discharge. This research aimed to evaluate the efficacy of two different montmorillonite-based nanoclays (B1 and B2) as a low-cost material for the removal of crystal violet dye from aqueous solutions. Structural characterizations of nanoclays were analyzed using FTIR and TGA methods. All parameters that could affect the CV adsorption process were optimized in a batch system. The effects of various factors (adsorbent dose, contact time, solution pH, co-existing ion effects, adsorption temperature, initial dye concentration) on the adsorption process were investigated. Experiments to investigate the mechanism of the CV-nanoclay adsorption system showed that the adsorption kinetics and equilibrium parameters fit better with the Pseudo second-order kinetic model and the Langmuir isotherm model, respectively. The maximum adsorption capacities (qm) of B1 and B2 adsorbents were obtained as 224.63 mg/g at 25 degrees C and 360.30 mg/g at 45 degrees C, respectively. A suitable combination of surface and CV ion charge was obtained at low pH values (<= 7) of the CV solution. The presence of co-existing NaCl ions did not significantly affect the CV adsorption capacity. When the results were evaluated, it was seen that the montmorillonite-based adsorbents were effective and cost-effective adsorbents for CV dye removal.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Adsorption, crystal violet, isotherm, kinetic, nanoclay


Journal Of The Faculty Of Engineering And Architecture Of Gazi University

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