History of natural stones and industry of Turkey

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Anatolia was one of the centers of marble production and trade especially in antique ages.Quarries that provided the marble used in the majestic structures in huge proportions of the antique era were located mostly in Western Anatolia.Marmara Island is in the Northwest Anatolia, Marmara Sea took its name from "Marmaro", meaning marble in Greek; it contains the most important white marble quarries and was the most important export center especially during Roman period.Quarries where the bluish Marmara Marble was mined were expanded by Romans and turned into big enterprises.Marble was transported to Mediterranean and Black Sea as well, with Roman's Ships that could carry big blocks. Marble was not only exported as blocks from there,they were sold first as semi-processed (decorations would be made on arrival) pillars, sarcophagus and similar products, then fully pocessed in late antique age. Most of the white marble used in Istanbul in Byzantium and Ottoman periods were shipped from Marmara Island. © 2009 All Rights Reserved by the International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM.


9th International Multidicsciplinary Scientific Geoconference and EXPO, SGEM 2009 -- 14 June 2009 through 19 June 2009 -- Albena -- 101472

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9th International Multidicsciplinary Scientific Geoconference and EXPO - Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection, SGEM 2009

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