An experimental investigation of formability of inconel sheet plate for different die angles and rolling directions in press brake bending

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The formability of Inconel materials is important to be used in engineering applications such as in fields of aircraft and maritime. The aim of study is to investigate bending characteristic and formability of Inconel 625 material having a property of corrosion resistance and high strength. In the paper, spring-back phenomena of Inconel 625 sheets are focused on experimentally. The 4 specimens for each different die angle are prepared to be bent. The press brake is used for forming Inconel 625 sheets. The die angle is altered from 90? to 150?. The different rolling direction such as 0? and 90? is chosen to investigate the effect of grain orientation on spring-back of Inconel sheets. The bending radius is constant and set as 2 mm for all bending tests. The spring-back angles and amounts are measured. Results show that as the bending angle is increased, the spring-back amount in units of angle is decreased averagely from 3.35? to 2.58? for 0? rolling direction and maximum spring-back angle is obtained at a die angle of 120? for rolling direction of 90?. Finally, Erichsen cupping test is also applied to determine the deformability of Inconel sheets. It is demonstrated that cup height value has been found as 17.20 mm.


Anahtar Kelimeler


European Mechanical Science

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