Game makers of the digital world: A literature review on digital leaders

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The digital transformation in information and communication technologies not only affects the material resources of businesses (such as technology, machinery, programs, etc.), but also transforms and changes the general assumptions in the management and leadership field, which are recognized as human, social, and psychological resources. Additionally, the increasing prevalence of remote work models (especially post-COVID-19) and the growth of e-businesses have led to the emergence of new leadership models such as digital leadership (e-leadership). Digital leadership is generally conceptualized as a leadership style that effectively and efficiently utilizes digital communication channels to create value for all stakeholders. Therefore, digital leaders play a key role in enabling organizations to continue their existence by implementing the necessary digital transformation at both the organizational and human resources levels. The main objective of this research is to contribute to the literature by analyzing the main themes, prominent concepts, and findings of research related to digital leadership and to identify research gaps. The research was conducted through a semi-systematic review of the literature using the Scopus database. As a result of the research, twenty-two studies were identified and classified into five main themes: model proposals, changing roles, competence and skills, outputs, and communication channels. Based on these findings, the need for digital leaders who can effectively harmonize the digital transformation process with both technical and human resources was determined. It was revealed that both businesses and digital leaders tend to focus more on the technological aspects of digital transformation, highlighting the need to strengthen of strengthening the alignment processes with human resources, and the need for a more comprehensive digital leadership theory, model, and quantitative research. © 2023 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Digital leadership, Digital transformation, Digitalization, Literature review


Organizational Behavior in the Digital World

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