The Film Structure Of Andy Warhol In American Experimental Cinema And ''Underground'' Cinema Culture

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Experimental film movement, which is one of the important breaking points of the history of cinema, has an important place in the formation of many new techniques and different forms. It is possible to find the traces of the movement all over the world in the American Experimental Cinema since the 1920s. World War II caused cultural damage in America. Especially, viewers caught up in Hollywood magic met with films that encourage thinking. After this situation, the concept of real underground "underground" cinema emerged."Underground" movie mold represents a whole created in America in the history of experimental cinema. Undoubtedly Andy Warhol, who directs today's art understanding plays an important role for "American Underground Cinema". The structure that can be observed in Warhol's films is perhaps like a poem, a music or, more accurately, an aura (atmosphere). Aura is a tangible thing that an individual can see as much as they wants. Warhol was labeled the modern form of legal electric execution as typical American business. He created bundles of images in his factory to react to Hollywood cinema that poisoned the system with its unreal illusions until the end of the 60's. However, after facing his fear of death, his struggle to turn life into art, which is his purpose, has decreased day by day. It even disappeared. At the end of the 70's, its factory, which had an important role in the formation of its purpose, was closed and film production was stopped.


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