The Impacts of Emotional Intelligence Competency on Job Satisfaction in the Service Sector : An Application on the Turkish Banking Sector

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Asian Economic and Social Society

Erişim Hakkı


ubject to the highly increased competition in almost all sectors especially in the service sector, the analysis of emotional intelligence competency and job satisfaction of employees has been one of the most crucial research subjects nowadays to get the highest productivity from employees in terms of almost all fields of the company. Since banking sector is one of the dynamic sectors that has been changed both negatively and positively due to economic crisis in different periods, this study has been applied on the banking sector. In addition to the analysis of these two variables in terms of relationship between each other, it has been also aimed to see if the level of emotional intelligence and job satisfaction differ by state-owned and private banks. As a data collection tool in the study, questionnaire technique has been used, and findings have been obtained from 150 staff through the survey on emotional intelligence competency by Wong and Law, and the short form of Minnesota job satisfaction survey by Weiss, Davis, England, Lofquist.


Asian Economic and Financial Review 2(5):617-634

Anahtar Kelimeler

Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction, Banking Sector


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